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Stylish Security: Meticulously engineered panic devices for peace of mind.

Enhancing Security with Precision

Discover a comprehensive range of accessories designed to enhance the functionality and security of your doors. From advanced locking systems to panic devices, we provide tailored solutions to fortify your spaces against emergencies while ensuring smooth day-to-day operations.

Locking Systems

Precision Locks: High-security locks designed for various door types, ensuring controlled access and optimal protection.

Secure Access: Meticulously engineered access control for modern and efficient spaces.

Panic Devices

Push Bars: Easy-to-operate panic bars facilitating swift evacuation during emergencies, meeting safety regulations and ensuring smooth exits.

Versatile Accessories: Elevate functionality with our diverse accessory range

Access Control Systems

Proximity Cards: Contactless access cards offering convenience and security, ideal for high-traffic areas and stringent access control needs.

Access Control System: Streamline security with our advanced access control solutions.

Door Closers

Adjustable Closers: Hydraulic door closers ensuring controlled door movement, preventing slamming and extending the lifespan of doors

Door Closer: Meticulously engineered for smooth and controlled door operations in various settings.
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