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Protection with

Clear Vision

Our Fire-Rated Glazings are meticulously engineered not only to withstand fire but also to provide enhanced security, including antimissile protection. Experience a world where safety is crystal clear, and your spaces are enveloped in a secure, visually open environment.

Striking Design with Safety: Explore ZNB SYSTEMS' fire-rated glazing for modern and secure spaces.
Precision Fire Protection: ZNB SYSTEMS' fire-rated glazing, redefining safety and aesthetics.

Key Features

Advanced Fire Resistance

Our Fire-Rated Glazings are meticulously tested and certified to withstand intense fire, providing a secure environment even in the face of flames and smoke.

Antimissile Security

For heightened security needs, our glazings offer an optional upgrade to provide advanced protection against external threats, including missile impacts, fortifying your spaces.

Architectural Versatility

Designed for versatility, our Fire-Rated Glazings seamlessly integrate into diverse architectural designs, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your spaces without compromising on security.



High-Security Installations

Government buildings, banks,  embassies, and high-profile corporate offices benefit from our antimissile glazings, ensuring top-notch security.

Critical Infrastructure

Airports, power plants, and military installations can maintain clear visibility while bolstering their defenses against potential threats.

Public Buildings

Museums, galleries, and public venues can exhibit priceless artifacts with confidence, knowing they are protected against both fire and external attacks.

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