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Active smoke barrier

Heading 5
 Fire resistance:
D  DH60

Door size:

Designed per custom specifications

Marc-Kda Moving Smoke Control Curtain in action, efficiently managing smoke with its versatile curtain sheet and winding shaf

Overview, Design & Properties

The Marc-Kda moving smoke control curtain comprises the following basic components: the curtain sheet, the winding shaft, the shaft brackets, the electric drive unit, and the sight fascia. The curtain can be provided with guide rails as an option.

The curtain sheet is made of a non-flammable glass-fibre woven fabric, in grey-silver colouring as a standard. A bottom ballast strip is attached to the bottom edge of the curtain and available in various shapes, sizes, and colours to match the buyer’s specifications.

A standard module of the Marc-Kda moving smoke control curtain module is 5000 mm wide. Individual modules can be used to create a line of curtains of unlimited dimensions, which may also conform to an arch. Standard sight fascia colours: RAL 7035, 9002, and 9010.

EN 12101-1:2005+A1:2006 fire resistance rating range: D30, D60, D90, D120, DA, DH30, and DH60. Moving smoke control curtain category range: ASB1, ASB2, ASB3, and ASB4. Curtain weight max. 1.0 kg/m2. 
Smoke permeability through shell fabric up to 10 m3/h/m2.


The Marc-Kda moving smoke control curtains are intended for regulatory-compliant isolation of smoke control zones and form smoke containment. They are intended for installation in areas which cannot accommodate fixed smoke control partitions. These products are mainly intended for large-footprint indoor public and commercial facilities, including shopping malls, warehouses, manufacturing shop floors, atria, transit hub concourses, or sports arenas.

By their flexible construction, they can perfectly harmonise with the overarching interior design for architects to freely arrange the outfit and the project owner to effectively utilise the space. They are perfect whenever there is a risk of significantly dynamic propagation of fire at high temperatures, including high fire loads. They ensure safe emergency egress and contain the smoke from spreading. 

A system of smoke control curtains ensures control over the distribution of combustion gases and smoke inside of buildings. It also allows for an efficient division of spaces into fire zones and smoke containment. The unlimited product size options allow containment of very large areas with the smoke control curtains. When connected as modules, they can form smoke control curtain lines unlimited in size. The smoke control curtains provide flexible isolation of smoke control zones; thanks to their low installation requirements, they are perfect whenever installation space is very sparse. The unlimited product size options allow containment of very large areas with the smoke control curtains. The product can be customised and adapted to form smoke control partitions of any shape.

Explore the effectiveness of our Marc-Kda Moving Curtain in controlling smoke, featuring a dynamic interplay of the

Operating principle

The smoke control curtain sheet is wound on the shaft and held so by the brake (for ASB1 and ASB3) of the drive unit or directly by the drive unit (for ASB2 and ASB4). In the event of a fire hazard, the curtain sheet is released to unwind and seal off the fire zone. During daily operation (in non-fire alarm conditions), the curtain is powered by 230 V AC or 24 V DC, and interfaced via 24 V DC to the fire alarm system and controls.

Proper operation of the ASB2 and ASB4 rated curtains requires a uninterrupted voltage supply, which is ensured by fire-rated wiring, protected against mechanical damage. When the voltage supply is isolated from an ASB1 or ASB3 rated curtain, it is commanded to unwind and close.

Optional Accessories

  • The exposed components of the curtain (the sight fascias, the lower slat, and the optional guide rails, if any) can be ordered finished in any RAL palette colour or in stainless steel

  • Installation of series of curtain modules is possible, also in line conforming to arches

  • Graphic art can be provided on the curtain sheet surface

  • Emergency escape passageways can be fabricated in the curtain sheet

  • Fire alarm control panel with an UPS pre-wired for interfacing with the field fire alarm system and/or local smoke/heat detectors

  • Electrical components, including a service access key-operated switch

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